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Sending training messages and reminders via Slack
Sending training messages and reminders via Slack
Written by Shailanchal Uniyal
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We're thrilled to announce the integration of Right-Hand Cybersecurity training readiness with Slack, enhancing how you deliver training assignments and reminders to your teams. Boost engagement and training attempt rates by leveraging the familiar platform of Slack where your employees collaborate the most.

Key Points:

  • Simple Integration: Easily connect Right-Hand Cybersecurity with Slack in just a few clicks.

  • Boost Engagement: Deliver training assignments and reminders directly to employees' Slack accounts, encouraging prompt engagement.

  • Customization Options: Tailor Slack messages for campaigns to suit your organization's needs.

Right-Hand Cybersecurity Integration with Slack: Administrator Guide

Introduction: This guide is designed to assist administrators in integrating Right-Hand Cybersecurity with Slack.

Pre-requisite: Before proceeding with the integration, ensure that you are the Slack workspace owner or a space owner has admin credentials in Right-hand.

Limitation: Please note that at present, Right-Hand Cybersecurity supports integration with only one Slack workspace. However, we are actively working on expanding this capability to support multiple workspaces in the future.

Integration Steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings:

    • Log in to your Right-Hand Cybersecurity account.

    • Go to Settings, then select the Integrations tab, and navigate to the Messaging Channels (IM) section.

  1. Configure Slack Integration:

    • Within the Messaging Channels (IM) tab, locate the Slack integration section.

    • Click on "Configure" next to the Slack option a pop-up will appear

  1. Subsequently, click on the "Add to Slack" button in the pop-up window

    • This action will initiate the Slack OAuth flow, prompting you to authorize the integration. Proceed by granting the necessary permissions.

  1. Completion Confirmation:

    • Once authorized, the Right-Hand Slack app will appear within your Slack workspace, indicating successful integration.

Utilizing Slack Communication Option:

  1. Campaign Creation:

    • When creating a new training campaign in Right-Hand Cybersecurity, proceed to Step 4 of the campaign creation process.

    • If Slack integration is enabled and active, you will notice an option to select Slack messaging as a communication channel for the campaign, in form of two checkboxes: One for assignment messages and one for reminders.

Note that emails will continue to be the default communication method, and Slack messages serve as an additional channel.

Once you select those checkboxes you will notice that Slack Message tab will get activated on the right hand side and will give you the following feedback:

  • It is enabled for the campaign

  • The number of invitees: Please note that those invitees will have to be present in the slack workspace you have integrated

  • Preview of how the message will look in slack

  1. Customizing Slack Messages:

    • Administrators have the flexibility to customize Slack messages for campaigns.

    • To modify the default Slack message, navigate to Company Management and select Notification Templates:

      • Slack training message

      • Slack reminder message


  • Improved Training Attempt Rates:

    • By leveraging Slack for training assignment emails and reminders, employees are more likely to engage promptly, leading to higher training attempt rates.

  • Enhanced Engagement:

    • Integrating Slack with Right-Hand Cybersecurity provides a familiar and interactive platform for communication, fostering greater engagement among employees.

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